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Imagine yourself surrounded by the soft rustle of the wild, as its evergreen leaves keep swaying and twirling to the rhythm of an alternating breeze that has traversed through many miles over the ocean; crossing a limitless stretch of an immaculate white sandy beach beside you to embrace and whisper in your ears as you gaze in wonder at the dazzling evening sky, amused and immersed in a unique tropical island experience. There is so much more to discover, because somewhere adjoining the wild lies a humble and an ancient farming village called Panama, a hamlet in the one edge of Ampara District of Sri Lanka, submerged in local hospitality and deep rooted culture where an authentic community experience awaits you. It is a haven which will soothe your soul, rejuvenates your senses and awakens the mind with heavy doses of nature’s tranquility.

Panama is emerging as one of the fastest growing community based tourist attractions of Sri Lanka. The coastal village of Panama is located around 126 km south of Batticaloa town and in close proximity to a number of natural and cultural tourist attraction points. The village’s community is an authentic mixture of Sinhalese and Tamils making it an ideal community travel destination to discover and understand the heritage and culture of this part of Sri Lanka.

Who we are?

We, Panampattu Community Based Tourism Association, is a non-profit social enterprise with a mission of bringing travelers from across the globe a total community based sustainable tourism experience in and around Panama village. The social enterprise ensures that the local communities benefit through the numerous opportunities and services that the CBTA offers to the tourists. Our community based tourism was incepted through the facilitation and guidance of the LED tourism project of the ILO Sri Lanka with the financial support of the Australian Aid.

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Panampattu Community Based Tourism Association
Kumana Road, Panama West, Panama
Sri lanka
TP: +94 071 2308112
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